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Q: How do I reserve a Fantasy Stripper for my Party or Event?
Reserving a Fantasy Stripper is easy, just click on the Male Strippers button on top of the page, choose your favorite Dancer and click book now, that's it!


Like any other service, all the tips you want to give us are always welcome. So please show your appreciation.

Q: When should I book my Fantasy Stripper?
Most clients book anywhere between 1 or 3 weeks in advance. Some clients book the day before and some even book the same day. You can book online all the way up to 8 hours prior to your party or event. You want to book your Fantasy Stripper before someone else does.

Q: Could I have an extra discount if I refer you?
 Yes, you could win an extra 5% OFF in 1st Package and 10% OFF in your 2nd Package.

Q: Imitators?

A: If you would like a particular imitator, we have a large variety just call us to inquire.


Q: Payments?
 We accept all kind of payments Cash, Credit Cards, Zelle, Venmo, Cash app, PayPal. Just call us.


Q: Do you travel out of state?
Yes, just call us for pricing and adjustments.

Q: Can the Strippers work on a Party Bus?
Our Fantasy Strippers works on Party Buses all the time. Let us know when you reserve online that your event will be on a Party Bus. You just need to make sure that our Stripper pickup and drop-off location is the same so our guys can be back at his or her vehicle!

Q: What happens after I reserve my Fantasy Stripper online?
 After you book online, you will receive an email confirming the name of the Stripper that will show up to your Party. You will also receive a Text or call from our staff the day before your event to make sure your event goes as planned!

Q: Can I book a Fantasy Stripper on the phone?
Yes, you can, but you will not be able to receive any promotions.

Q: Is there a FEE if I decide to change the date or hour of my event?
 NO! – We only recommend doing it few hours before your party or event.

Q: Do you guys offer any EXTRA services?
NO! – we are not an escort page. We will EVER perform any SEXUAL services for host or guest of the party. Fantasy Entertainment only have professional dancers.


Q: Should I select an extra replacement Fantasy Stripper?
Yes, remember all people could have traffic problems or improper cases of sickness for this reason we always recommend having one or two alternatives.

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